Project & Program Resilience


Resilient projects and programs are able to withstand and recover quickly from difficult conditions. 

Based on over 20 years of assessing projects and programs, we can identify susceptible areas and recommend actions that help you withstand and even improve your performance in reaction to adverse changes.




Project management is about delivering and adding value

You have a large project or program that is stagnating?  We apply strategic planning and project and program management techniques that have been successfully used on projects and programs from the medium to the mega in size.


Quality IS Projects, Inc.

Increase Your Project & Program Resilience

Changing the emphasis

Most organizations have implemented some form of project management to improve performance. Is it Lean and Agile? Do we need to change the emphasis?  This is where Quality IS Projects, Inc. comes in.  We have established monitoring systems that focus on project performance rather than process compliance.  Current training can be rejuvenated and positioned for performance. Although the answer does not lie in acquiring a new automated toolset, we can lead you through a migration to fully web based tools.




the sponsor is the key to success

Good sponsors consistently deliver, they are effective.  They set the right tempo. There are tools to assist you in identifying the right sponsor/project manager relationship. There are excellent global guidelines for sponsors to use as a resource.  We have been assisting sponsors for over 20 years on highly critical projects.